Docker Day by ING Services Polska

Docker Day by ING Services Polska conference will be held on 16th of December 2015, in GPP Business Park in Katowice, ul. Konduktorska 33.

About Docker Technology

Conference description



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About Docker Technology

Docker is a platform that is devoted to programmers and administrators and also allows to build, distribute and run applications. This technology enables to build software from components and eliminate problems that are connected with its distribution. Docker facilitates the introduction of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes to SDLC process.

The great advantage is that Docker containers are independent from the hardware platform and allow a good insulation process which is the basis for building a modern application architecture, based on micro services.

Despite of the short development period, Docker is now widely used in many applications. A common standard for containers is being worked out. It will improve containers' safety and develop best practices to use containers on a large scale.

Many tools for managing Docker cluster-based containers have been produced recently. The most popular ones are Mesos and Kubernetes. Appache Mesos is an open-source technology that allows to build and run distributed systems easily. These systems are called frameworks that enable to lunch applications, for instance: Cassandra, Spark, Hadoop, Jenkins and many others. Kubernetes was given to the open source community by Google company. It is based on the company's experience of managing similar infrastructure internally that has been gained over the years. Moreover, it contains answers for many common problems of a distributed application infrastructure such as service discovery, monitoring services, affinity and so on.


Conference description

The main aim of Docker Day by ING Services Polska conference is to present new technologies that are used by innovative IT companies. Lectures are addressed to IT managers, practitioners and enthusiast of new technologies who are connected with labor market of the Silesian voivodship.

The meeting will be an opportunity to share knowledge and contacts among IT experts.



09:00 - 09:15 Welcome by Magdalena Nowicka, CEO of ING Services Polska & Michał Paprocki, Vice President of ING Services Polska  

09:15 - 09:45 Microservices*, Dominik Sowa – Chief Architect at ING Services Polska

1. Microservices architecture

2. Auto scaling and data center garbage collector

3. Runtime stacks for microservices

4. Datastore stacks for modern apps

9:45 - 10:45 Mesos/Marathon, Michael Hausenblas, Developer and Cloud Advocate Mesosphere

1. Overview of Mesos and Marathon framework

2. Clusters Management

3. Scheduling containers

4. Future plans - roadmap

10:45 - 11:00 Coffee break   

11:00 - 11:30 Kubernetes cluster - case study*, Dawid Stysiak, Lead Architect at ING Services Polska

1. Kubernetes cluster management overview

2. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery approach to software development lifecycle

3. Practical implementation – real case study of microservice application based on Docker 

a. Solution overview – high level architecture of application 
b. Continuous Integration environment stack 
c. Microservices on Kubernetes cookbook

11:30 - 12:30 Docker Security, Michael Hausenblas, Developer and Cloud Advocate Mesosphere

1. Current status

2. Problems

3. Best practices

4. Future plans

12:30 - 14:00 Networking time, open lab session. Lunch

*Lectures will be conducted in Polish



Michael Hausenblas
– Developer & Cloud Advocate at Mesosphere, Docker, Apache Mesos and Marathon technology expert. Involved in many international conferences as a lecturer. Michael shares his DCOS, DevOps, Mesosphere, Docker experience that has been gained over the years by publishing blog posts.


Dominik Sowa - Paas, Iaas and Secaas Chief Architect at ING Services Polska. Responsible for innovation as well as infrastructure and security services development in ING group. New technology enthusiast who is keen on introducing open source technologies to large corporations.  


Dawid StysiakIT Architect at ING Services Polska. He actively implements Docker-based solutions into ISP projects. Co-organizer of Katowice Docker Meetups. Interested in distributed applications, Docker and Cloud.



Organizational matters


GPP Business Park

ul. Konduktorska 33 (Goeppert-Mayer building)

40-155 Katowice

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Parking: Free parking lots will be provided for conference participants. If you are willing to use one of them, please contact the conference organizers in advance via email:

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