ING Services Polska is a captive shared service center located in Katowice, Poland. The company’s aim is to provide IT services for ING Group globally.
The services have been categorised into the following types: hosting, remote management, security services, application services.


The hosting service enables access to business applications through the IT infrastructure located in the data centre (Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS model) and through the management of operating systems, databases as well as middleware (Platform as a Service -PaaS model). Hosting is also provided through other corresponding components necessary for business application suport.

ING Services Polska provides hosting services through IT components infrastructure located in our own data centre.

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Remote management

The range of remote management services, offered by our company, manage the operating system, database and middleware software on the resources contained in the customer's data centre, through the use of remote access via the telecommunications infrastructure.

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Security services

ING Services Polska offers professional IT security services to ING Group entities operating around the world. ING Services Polska provides the optimum level of protection against IT threats through world-class technical competences.

In the scope of security services are components that may be delivered as separate IT services, but also as part of system management services.

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Application services

Application Services have been added to the Service catalogue as ISP response to the growing service consumers interest in the area of application management services. There are several areas regarding applications and dedicated software which can be covered by services described within this section:

  • Development and deployment
  • Administration and Maintenance
  • File transfer and connectivity
  • Data Management and Processing
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