Michał Paprocki CEO

has been working at ING Services Polska since the very beginning of the company. He likes travelling, trekking as well as reading good books. He is also interested in history.

Andrzej Mikołajczak Tribe Lead

has been working at ING Services Polska since 2006. In his spare time he listens jazz, what helps him to take a breather after work.

And how passion for running born?

Michał: While working at ING Services Polska, I met colleagues who run marathons. Initially I didn’t share their passion, but I started to run two kilometers at first, then five, ten... Increased levels of endorphins did the rest.

In the course of time Michał 's positive attitude to running infected the other, right?

Andrzej: My passion was born quite prosaically, a 'culprit' is Michał indeed. During his stay in Katowice, somewhere in 2008, he suggested having the morning jogging. It was a casual jogging, but I was pretty tired after it. Then I stated that my form is not good enough and something needs to be done. So I started a regular excercise to make a little brush up my fitness. At the beginning it was a short run. After two years, an ambitious idea was born to run a marathon distance.

Please, tell us what is your motivation?

Andrzej: The main motivator to start a marathon is an attempt to clash with yourself and test your skills. The distance of 42 km is a challenge and you really never know if you can meet the target which is the assumed time. During the long-distance race both physical preparation, as well as psychological readiness to run the distance is confronted. With running first marathon appears the ambition to run next with a slightly better result, and for us - amateur runners – there are no boundaries.

Michał: I have never liked running, because it's exhausting and unproductive. However, I was looking for a discipline that I can train alone, regardless of where I was. It is very important to me, because I travel a lot, both business and private. Running long distance is struggling with your own weaknesses and that is the greatest satisfaction.

The most important for me is to be in good shape and overcoming my own records.

What are your objectives and resolutions in this area?

Andrzej: Some time ago I set myself a minimum of one marathon a year.

Michał: The most important for me is to be in good shape and overcoming my own records. 

Andrzej: We hope that successive running enthusiasts will join us and we will enlarge the group of orange T-shirts with the logo of ING Services Poland for the next races.

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