Music - my love

Adam Mysiak IT Specialist

Has been working at ING Services Polska since November 2012. Besides IT and music, he is interested in helicopters and gyroplane. He is married and lives in Ruda Śląska.

How did your adventure with music start?

My adventure with music has started from a music school. When I was a kid I wanted to be a drummer so much. When I was barely 7 years old my parents brought me to the entrance exam which I passed and I was proposed to attend the violin classes. Imagine my disappointment as I always thought I will be a drummer; however I was too young. I soon realized that my grandmother owns a violin so I decided to take the challenge.

Who introduce you to the world of music and sound engineering?

I have learnt to play the violin and the piano in the music school. Everything else, the studio equipment or the process of mixing and producing music I discovered myself. IT and music have always been in my range of interest. That is why I combined those two elements and I started creating music on my computer. The computer scene is a great testing ground for aspiring sound engineers. It was mainly electronic music. Most electronic sounds begin their life from a simple sinusoid. You put them through all the magic boxes which distort them causing the simplest sound to become totally different from the original.

Music gives me a chance to break away, to go to another world, to a limitless world.

Where do you take your inspirations from?

The music I create comes from emotions. It is spontaneous. The surrounding world can be my inspiration as well as different genres of music. There are no rules in the process of music creation. Drums, interesting sound from analogue synthesizer, the inspiration can come from everywhere.

Does the music relax you, give you the chance to escape from everyday life?

Music gives me a chance to break away, to go to another world, to a limitless world, world of possibilities. When I sit behind the instrument, console, there are no limitations. When I have no idea for a new song I learn to play something I didn’t before or just something well-known.

There are no rules in the process of music creation.

You also took part in a contest organized by Beyonce. The aim was to create a remix of one of her songs. Do you often remix songs?

Remixing is something I like a lot. I already made a few polish artists, already mentioned “End of time” by Beyonce. Currently I am working on “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters. When I create a song remix I try to show it in a different perspective. The best remix, in my opinion, is when it discovers something new in an already known song.

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