Marcin Mikoda Area Lead

has been working at ING Services Polska since November 2011. Marcin is not only interested in flying airplane, but also in cryptography and riding a motorcycle.

When did it become your passion and can you tell us why you have taken it up?

Curiosity always pushes mankind into the unknown. I have been accompanied by this feeling since I remember. When watching pictures and movies associated with aviation I have always wondered how it is to see and feel those things in real life. I satisfied my curiosity four years ago when I started a basic pilot glider course at a sport airfield in Bielsko-Biała/Aleksandrowice. As gliding is mainly a seasonal sport, the free time left out of season I utilized on postgraduate studies in the aviation field. During practical lessons on the communication airfield in Katowice I saw lots of airplanes, talking to commercial pilots and again curiosity pushed me to do next step. Now, I fly single engine airplanes and develop my skills in this area.

Has this hobby/passion in any way influenced both your private and professional life?

Of course, it has. Private life, because usually the weather is the main factor and decides which day you can organize your take-off. In practice, this means that you must be quite flexible and your family, too. I keep trying to encourage my family to get involved in flying so that it will be easier for all of us to find the right family and hobby balance. Every pilot should work on shaping features such as responsibility, attention divisibility. What’s more a pilot should also be motivated to improve their knowledge in many areas. Those features are also very important for me and I try to follow this rules in my professional life.

What about your motivation? What motivates you to keep practicing it?

Once a commercial pilot I talked to, joked that flying big Airbus or Boeing is quite boring but the views are great. In the general aviation when you flying smaller airplanes you have more to do in the air but generally it is about the same: great views, travelling and this nice feeling that you can look into all your problems, left on the ground, from a different perspective.

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