Do it for yourself

We would like to present you the interview with our colleague, Michał Banaś who enjoys preparing for certification exams.

Which certificate is the most valuable to you?

Michał Banaś, Specialist Designer at ISP: This year I managed to get two certificates: the first one concerns software development skills and the second one – the Scrum methodology.
Despite the fact that purely technical skills are the most important in a programmer’s work, I am not able to distinguish which certificate is the most valuable to me.
Self-development does not only refer to a high quality code, knowledge of the techniques, or libraries. Soft skills are as important as the time organisation, and the ability to set goals.
That is why, it teaches the Scrum approach and I personally think that acquiring this methodology will contribute as much to my day-to-day operations, as far as knowledge needed to learn the material for the Oracle Certified Java Programmer exam.

How much time do you need to prepare to an exam? How to gather a sufficient knowledge?

Michał: The best way is to base your experience on professional or personal knowledge. I am so happy that this year's examinations were strongly linked to things I do every day, so my preparation was much easier. On the other hand, I was able to find such certificates which coincided with my interests. I can be called a lucky person in this respect. Of course, the certificate does not only concern knowledge that you acquire in your daily tasks. I had to spend an extra time to systemize and gain some additional knowledge. However, it is difficult to determine if I focused on science only, and how much time I have spent on subjects because I was simply fascinated by it. To gain my certificates I had to practice a lot. Then, a nice coincident occurred. A few people prepared for the same exam and I was able to talk to them and eliminate any uncertainty. I also could ask them for help to understand the topic. Aware that others also prepared for the exam, I felt great.
Fortunately, everyone who faced with these exams passed. To sum up: How much time did I spend? This concept does not exist if you do what you want, not what you need.

Why certification is so important?

Michał: Of course, an additional certificate makes you more competitive on the labor market, you earn experience, you develop and so on, but the most important is to remember that:
You have to do it for yourself. If you do this for some other reasons, it would not be so pleasant.
Maybe I have had a good fortune, maybe it was a coincidence, but if you do something because you enjoy it, it will be easier. The same applies to a certification.


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